whats the most agravating thing to you ?

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    Boom, 19,014 congrats you're very close to 20, soon... keep up the great work...

    its not just a job its an adventure

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    Loud obnoxious selfish People


    Don't move to New York!!!

    Being ignored... there is no better way to express the I do not matter than to ignore me.


    bothers me too, jenn ... : )

    Totally irks me!!!

    @ Comte.. You opened and read the same question I did.. I suppose you are waisting your precious time too.... Before you deside that somone is ignorant you may want to evaluate your own standing.
    @ Darren.. You are no more ignorant than the rest of us... You are in good company.
    Hearing or seeing people disrespect one another. I hate hearing people say "shut up"...drives me batty

    That really makes me cringe!
    People who try to tell me how I think and feel.
    Phonies, fakers, and azz kissers. Seeing people get into fights in public places over a parking space or a pack of hot dogs.
    People eating with their mouth open or talking with their mouth full!

    My blondness!!

    your blondness?
    maruff kaca phissbik mjopp <--mouf full
    monkey11 there an interpreter in the house? LOL

    Yes, I'm very blond at times...aka naive!! Oh, well! Guess I just can't be perfect!!!

    I'm not sure where this "blond" thing came from. I wish it would go away because I have three blond grandaughters, and one daugher who are blond. they are bright and accomplished. the hairs growing out of their head have nothing to do with their intelligence.

     I aggravate the heck out of myself sometimes.

    Loaning my garden tools to my neighbor and him hiring a kid in the neighborhood to do the work. Makes me nuts.

    grrrrrrrrrrrr ... there must be some way you can get back at him.
    ed shank

    I've been thinking for years but still haven't come up with a subtle punishment.

    I have a sign in my Garage that says "I lend tools",PIGS ASS!
    ed shank

    I,m having a big load of cow dung delivered next week for the yard. He'll be out of his mind when he gets a wiff of that. Should stink for at least three weeks. Wonder how his sixty dollar a bottle wine which he drinks next to the pool will taste like.

    ed shank, are you REALLY having this cow dung delivered? (Maybe you're just thinking of the best way to get even) You know, I wonder if really expensive wine tastes different. I take medicine and if I had a glass of wine I'd probably explode.
    ed shank

    The s**t's coming and I hope the wine tastes different.


    Headless Man

    Don't drive in Columbus

    Politicians and they way they lie and exagerrate their stances popped into my mind!


    It would.

    I would have mentioned them if split infintives didn't annoy me more.
    The sound of the garbage trucks collecting the rubbish in the early hours of the morning..BANG CRASH SMASH.

    ahem, python ... would you rather they left the rubbish where it stands? (Maybe they could make a collection every six months or so?) : D

    I would rather be woken up by the garbos, than to have dirty rotten rubish sitting at the kerb waiting to be collected.
    people who complain about things like having to scrape barnacles off their yacht ...

    No Kidding!!! Like I should maybe be complaining that I don't have a yacht! Oh...wait a second...I might get seasick or caught in a storm! Nah...I'll just complain about scraping the bugs off the car! No, it's not a Porsche, nor a Hummer!

    Those really loud thundering woofer's in car's driving down the street during the day it is rude when they still do it after 10 pm really rude and so hard some times it shakes the house kids!""


    Boom boom shake the car up and down KA-BOOM!
    When I am waiting for a parking space and when a car moves another car takes my space. agggh
    The fact that I am untidy and am loosing things all the time.

    i would never have thought of saying that but i lose stuff too.
    My son in law has a habit of talking to me while he is brushing his teeth.AAARRRR!!! I walk away & refuse to respond to him

    At work when I am working really hard which I work hard and stay busy this girl sings out loud and a singer she is not that gets on my last nerve.....


    This I do not know but I wish they would get a revelation.

    Ms Sinclair

    I have the same problem on my job with this guy who can't sing worth a damn either. Why is it always the people that can't sing who insist upon singing the loudest?

    losing my hair!

    SCHOOLS that don't teach our children how to learn to read.

    The most aggravating thing as of late? Deciphering the English, spelling and grammar with a lot of these questions.
    mine is people copyiing. i am like lady gaga - unique and i hate people copying :(
    They only thing I can come up with aggravating is,people disrespect other people right or properties,also foul language really turn me off. We need to grow up,by loving each other.
    And that my story, and I'm sticking to it!!! LOL.

    Probably a long list depending on who you ask, but since you asked me I'd say I do nothing agravating exept smoke nasty old cigarettes.

    Roger Willcoe

    and, call all my dogs and cats poopy.

    Do you have any agravating traits daren?




    Split infinitives.

    Having Obaoma as President

    coming soon to a theater near you
    starring comte : )

    Sorry itsmee, I got laughing and clicked a few too many times. I did give you a TU.
    It really bothers me when people don't like to have fun and talk about daren's question, "what's the most aggravating thing to you?" these "perfect" individuals step up on their soap box and speak with pompous language. they warn others to not speak of aggravations and tell them to speak in a spiritual way. People like this put themselves above the rest of humanity and misspell the word "nourishes"
    i have another one ... it's folks who don't like to talk about what aggravates them. : )

    hot sticky weather and people who lie,not in that oreder

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