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    I have a sum of money I wish to invest but Ido not wish to put it into bonds I need access to it Iwant the best interest rate.

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    How old are you?  How long of an investment will this be?  How nervous do you get when your investment declines in value?  In other words, what is your risk tolerance?  What tax bracket are you in?  If you answer these questions, we can point in the general direction of investment for you.

    p.s. Are you cute?


    your best investment is having children. It's like money in the bank. It insures your legacy . It gives you somebody to carry on your seed and your legacy. It gives you somebody to move you from your house into assited living when you get old.
    It's somebody to care when you die......somebody to visit your grave. Somebody to come to the hosp and see you and cheer you up , when you're having surgery .

    Other than that, buy index funds; b/c they don't go down when the stock market goes down.And buy something that comes out of the earth, like gold, silver, uranium. Buy into the production of all the batteries that's it's going to take to run the electric cars.

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