is LegitOnLineJobs genuine ? Can anyone answer this question, I'm getting nowhere fast.

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    Not sure if this site legit or not but I do have a listing of approximately 120 work at home jobs that are legit. I would be happy to share the listing.
    This is an asking and answer forum. Be careful of the so-called online jobs.There are a lot of people running scams.Check them out use the BBB online or contact the local office where you live

    Thank you for the thumb ups
    ok.please share,

    Is there a way to download an Adobe Acrobat file on this site? I'm not able to cut and paste the info.

    i am sorry ,i have no idea how to do that...but i would really like to get that list.what to do ?????
    I'm willing to share the listing for free if anyone wants it. I received it from a reputable resource. I'm not asking anyone for any personal info or money.

    I didn't experience with the site you mentioned.All websites are look like legitimate .So it is hard to tell whether it is safe .If you are not sure or have any doubts whether the website can be trusted then exit from the site and take your time to investigate further into the website.To check a site is legit or not  you can check user reviews, feedback, problems, responses and rating about the site by the Google search.To check the website is secure more information can be provided by website  .Get the "whois" information from to know the administrative contact, technical contact etc.

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