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    If you could offer a small child just one piece of advice, what would it be?

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    Once my kids, when they were quite young, were going through a tough time after their dad had taken his bad mood out on them and told them they were bad and he was ashamed that they were his kids. I went in and told them both that if I'de had a chance to see the line up of children in heaven and could pick the two I would want to raise , I would pick them over all the other children.I told them each how unique and special they are to me and what a blessing it was that I am the one picked to be their mom. Maybe not really advice but important to make the children realize they are unique and a blessing.

    " Be a child while you still can be."

    Learn to READ, it makes life easier.

    Grow thick skin,you'll need it...Be opened minded...Listen twice as much as you speak,thats why you have one mouth and two ears...Love & Help one another...And go visit your grandpa!!!

    Close to 7 billion, give or take a few hundred thousand. Way too many it seems!

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