If theres a guy i really like who moved who i think likes me cuz he said but has a girlfriend there should move?
    I'm really down in the dumps about this guy cuz he is the sweetest guy i've ever met!:)

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    When someone you like is already in a relationship,  respect that and keep within the boundaries that you would want others to keep for YOUR relationship. When you plunge in with no regard to fidelity, you let that already cheating guy (or girl) know it's OK  to cheat on you. Trust me on this.

    enjoy the moment thats all we have

    He has a girlfriend and if he is willing to have you in his life while he is dating her, then it seems he just might be willing to do the same thing to you. You seem to be young...there are plenty of very sweet guys out there...don't settle for less than your worth.Men are like gold...where there is one there has to be more...just takes a little effort to dig for it (dig meaning wait for it).Don't go chasing him down you might just miss the nugget in your own home town.


    Good answer MOMY

    but hes out of the country:(

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