should I wait for a friend

    Should i sit at home an devote my time to a friend who never calls me back who's never on time and makes me feel like she doesn't care, should i go on with my day or wait? I don't know what to do!

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    the waiting game, its played all around the world ,it sometimes turns into the crying game,don't waste your tears,time does not wait for anyone

    Well, I have waited for someone like that in the past. Wouldn't do so again though. There aren't too many people that are really worth waiting for like you do. Tell her time waits for no one if she arrives and/or calls and YOU'RE not there for her. Turn the tables, if you do value her as a real friend, she may get the picture (hopefully)

    Well I would first at least tell that friend how they were making me feel by the actions they were taking, then if the actions still continued I would go my own way and realize that that person was not a true friend.

    You two looks like need to sitdown and have a good friend to friend conversation and clear everything out, beleive me it will help you to understand if she is really a good friend if she is really a friend!!!

    you could be dead before you find one sunshine

    go out and enjoy yourselfyour friend can catch up if they Careif they dont find someone who does`

    thaxs that means alot sorry about the answer i gave to u but, its true


    No problem, thats ok about your comment, you are right.

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