How many of you remember Hanoi Jane and what she did

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    Get your facts straight before you defamatory someone

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    It's just that Jane Fonda, the movie star, daughter of Henry Fonda,went over to Vietnam during that war and was shooting off her mouth in favor of the Viet Cong, and possible endagering the lives of the U.S P.O.W.s -----some of which have never been found.

    it was said several pow's lost their lives on account of her visit to North Vietnam

    Viet Nam was a terrible time for soldiers. They came back to the US and were jeered for being baby killers, etc. These soldiers were just kids and nobody really knew what the war was all about. After all the put downs many turned to drugs and alcohol. They were suffering ptsd and I don't think it was even recognized in vets hospitals. So today when you see a soldier thank him or her for the job they are doing. (it makes no difference what you think of war) Jane Fonda was a show off. I don't think she really understood what an evil thing she was doing. Urk.

    if her father was alive then i bet he would have kick ass all around the world.

    Her father was alive back then - Henry Fonda - the movie star. And he probably should've kicked her ass all around the world.
    i know JANE FONDA went to nth. vietnam and was photographed with the viet cong, she did ask your govt. at the time to be able to go and visit the G.I's ,she was refused because she was against the war in vietmam, so she went nth., but don't think of her as being a traitor a lot of the publicity was proper gander put out by your own C.I.A. == a war that should not have been==Aussie solders were killed, for what?

    Yes Bulletman I dont think of jane fonder as a traitor far from it
    She was a Radical during the Vietnam war and did not support our troops in Vietnam, she supported the viet-cong.A traitor to our Country.
    i was just a kid but i think it's about jane fonda and her propaganda in favor of north vietnam. i do remember the bumper sticker somthing like "vets aren't fonda jane"
    Within my generation the baby boomers, we for the 'most part' dislike her for what damage she did to our military, her 'feel-good' attempts at ending the war cased many deaths. She was a traitor and this is how 'most of us feel' unless of course you were a hippy during those times. akin to today's liberal progressives. Knowing that (now deceased) Walter Cronkite stood by her actions presses me more to the right as he was also branded by many as a traitor to his own country, some went as far as calling him and Fonda 'commies'. Yes, I remember her well, I am sure that her patriotic father Henry Fonda is still turning in his grave.

    I'm the same age as the Vietnam vets too. I hated the war that wasn't neccesary that took a lot of my peers' lives. I had a lot of empathy for the guys that fought in Vietmam, b/c they were shanghied into it b/c of the draft. They were NOT proffessional soldiers. Thank God, my brother didn't have to go , b/c he had knee surgery . He said he would go if he passed his physical, but they wouldn't take him.
    Yes that was her hobnobbing with North Vietnam cameras running as she visited our pow's
    I recognize name think she was some spy during vietnam but I was a child don't know-recall, also remember Jane Fonda speaking & how vets and Patriots wanted her hung or worst! I do not remember them being the same but does not surprise me. They said they were fighting for freedom but only wanted pro VN to talk. She, J.F. was accused of Killing or putting soldiers lives at risk but nothing ever appeared to happen because of her. Our solders we know killed lots of innocents,even our own and hid the details after it was known? Currently we have too many people quiet except wealthy and tea party. Imagine if we stood up for Honor and Rightiosnis . Sorry can't wk this spell check now.

    bab you have a better idea of what was happening in those horrific years than some of your compatriots

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