Who is going to get 100,000 Karma first? So far, Daren1 is in the lead.

    Any favorites? I think the top 4 should have a "stay awake" marathon until someone breaks 100K. :)

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    Ugh. I hate that it keeps turning into a race. Karma needs to be spread around more. There are a lot of people here who have great valid answers but get ignored. I try to keep up with everyone. Sorry to those I miss.

    I actually asked the admins to cap karma at 100K so these "races" would not happen.

    i agree it's really not a race it's about helping people and having fun. but i think we all enjoy getting karma.

    I will admit I do like to see someone (if not the person who asked the question) appreciate an answer I took time to look up for them or give them from my own experience and learning. I just see so many who give good answers but only get one TU for it. Since I no longer have to spend so much time moderating, I'm taking more time trying to keep up and TU deserving answers.
    sounds like a horserace to me. my money is on "leeroy or "sixdogs" maybe even "colleen" we'll see you at the finish line!!
    I say we all bump off darin it"s not about winning getting to know each other having fun we all come from all around the globe "states i am in a terrible state" my Josie thinks i am hitting it of with girls ? in my dreams tam
    I'll put my money on Leeroy only problem is ans are too long read,I'm to slow reading. try putting shorter ans Lee.
    I reserve my judgement. We are all winners and enjoy what we do, otherwise we would not be here!
    Looks like it might be you Freedom Fighter! My Money is on Colleen to make it 2nd.

    Please people, do not let this make you go out and TU your favorite just to get them to "win" a "race" that shouldn't be a "race".

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