what is the price for a divorse

    no assets involved..

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    If there are no children involved in the marriage, "no-fault divorce" is the simplest and most least expensive way to file for a divorce.
    Cost of divorce is nothing compared to the cost of marrying the wrong person.
    The price of divorce is hardest felt (most times) with the children. Kids seem to blame themselves when parents get divorced or separated. Hopefully your children are grown and moved out and even then it's still difficult on them.

    I know that's not what you meant, but looks like you already have a few really good answers. Just a thought to consider if it applies.
    Depending on ones situation could be very costly for a long time (Children, alimony, ones mental state, etc.)
    VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE! .... and thats not including the lawyers fee!!!!
    You can do your own, the forms are available at your county gov building. Or, have paralegals type up the forms if you don't feel comfortable. If both of you are agreeable to everything, it can be done for a few hundred bucks. If you involve attorney's, prepare to dish out at least $3000 for just a retainer fee.
    Don't believe in divorce, if you can't get along then leave,live alone.
    See freedomfighter above.


    Oh, I only charge $50000.

    the price is this  ""

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