Were you in the Military ?

    Were you in the Military? what branch and what years? during war?

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    I served 6yrs in Royal Australian Artillery on anti aircraft gun 40 mm Bofor. Was outed for partial deafness, any wonder considering we were supplied no hearing protection. Was accepted in the Infantry as a reserve for further 2 years until work made it difficult to attend parades. Rose to the dizzy heights of sergeant. Spent a lot of time as drill, small arms map reading, bayonet fighting and gunnery instructor.

    I've served in the ARMY and NAVY, In the army as a air ambulance unit and the navy as a attack wing air unit, I've also served in a field artillery unit a total of 18 years, six active and the rest reserve whoaaa tony

    NAVY USS TRUETT (FF-1095) 4 years.
    yep 12 years inthe british army ,served in northern island
    in belfast , and londonderry singapore ,kenya gibralta, cyprus

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