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    Obama will always be the best president in the world. Can anyone tell me why the Tea Party members look Unintelligent

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    A great number of people here are going to disagree with you……...

    Here in the State of Jefferson, we were having Tea Parties long before Sarah Palin stole our name we have had for years. For us, it has always been a country woman's get-together for fun, camp-outs and    a definite absence of men. As a friend of the Tea Party girls, I could contribute only by setting them up with what ever they needed for their long party. Stoves, showers, ports-potties and the like on a few occasions. Didn't take long to break completely free of male involvment and "stupidity" is the thing you show the world when you steal those girls party name without asking first. Those girls hang a handle on what they do and to steal it is asking for that other T-word.  

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