why do guys use me?

    every guy i ever meet ever dated ever talked to only wants me for one thing ...y?

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    What are you looking for? Set your priorties, don't be suckered in to the things you only want to hear. Be true to yourself, and include yourself to what you like and dislike.


    WOW, you must be a great cook!

    Verna Hendrickson

    Guys use you because you let them. You are the one and only agent of your life and body!


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    The first serious girlfriend I dated was in high school. After we dated for a while,I knew that she was the was the one for me. So I waited until she was ready. That was about a year and a half. You have to wait for the right one. If you can have the milk for free, why buy the cow? If you want a guy who loves and respects you, you have to get to know that person for a while before you jump into bed. Most men don't respect a woman who seems easy. Good morals help a lot. But it's hard to tell only after knowing someone for a short while. Good relationships take time, usually. They say that women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex. Take your time.

    You teach poeple how to treat you... if you except nothing from them that is what you will get... DEMAND respect from the frist minute you meet. Ppl will say you are a bitch... but you will be one HOTT bitch.

    Because either subconciously or consiously you allow them to.

    Headless Man


    Cause your easy?

    its up 2 u if they use you, if u dont let them, they wont

    Guys want a girl only for sex when the girl has low standards for intelligence. =]

    I agree with Leeroy , But tell us if we are old fashioned . I think so but I hope not !!

    Think you're being too hard on yourself. There will ALWAYS be guys out looking for no strings attached sex as there are women wanting EXACTLY the same......Most are married or have parners unaware sitting at home. Maybe you're looking in the wrong places??? Some of us like to chat and talk about other things. If I was you, I'd get a hobby where everyones got a common interest. That way the empathis on sex fades into the backround and any attraction would creep in naturally. aaah well my take on it anyway

    Because you let them....end of story!!!

    I dont know your reason, but i married for FEP... Future Earning Potential

    They use you because you let them , you may not mean too but stop it and they will too

    Because you let them . . . you deminer invites it.

    I'm guessing you end up getting the beer and have a huge...television. LOL.

    I agrre with annie and think she is very sexy

    whi is 'they' that says this? Some of us guys are actually ok cynth. try me for example

    because you let them...I went thru a phase in my life when I had sex with almost every guy that I met and couldn't understand I never saw them more than once....I went on hiatus (SP?) from meeting men and then I met the love of my lifel.

    I feel sorry for u, because its a horrible feeling wen that happens to u. But this is life and women use men too. And play hard to get this will attract the rite guy and if he feels sumin for u, he will wait till u are ready and not pressure u. Good luck.

    Maybe, they realize that you want to be used. I am a guy, and I know that guys will use you if they see that in you, period. So, I tell my daughters to be careful not to give such an impression to their boyfriends. And they are teenagers anyway, so they're still experimenting.

    Not literally.... I mean to hell with them all.... sorry LOL!


    Hummm . .. the "Lady/ " like vobaculary might be atestament to your character and your problem, it it draws unhappy stuff.

    Guys are sacs of semen looking for someone to drop a load in... and if they are only coming to you for one thing then chances are is because you are giving it to them all... word on the street is probably that you are the go to girl. They will all try to prove they are different from the rest and don't want anyone but you....blah blah blah... but the reality is that they all only want one thing... when they get it from the same piece for a long time then they tend to scavenge the next. They will always be hunting for the next best thing. Fuck them ALL!


    Most pathetic . . failures alwyas have the advice, who are yyou going to listen to . . . Hummm ;(

    Guys are sacs of semen that only want to release it. That is why they use you. And no offense but if they are only using you for sex then that pretty much says that word on the street is that you are the go to girl for it...

    Y u even gotta ask, look at usef walkin round like some billboard avertisin. guys be lienen up puttin there thing on, gettin ready to go up inya. Dat wha u wan?

    I am sorry if you think that way,but
    you may be giving them that kind of veue.If you show them that you are easy,then you are.If you show them that you are a not a anyone one then that's what you get. So do they just want one thing or are you letting and showing them that.You will get what you are looking for,show them what you are made of not that you are a easy person.

    Don't give in so early respect yourself and men will respect you. Wait for the right person. You will be better off if you wait for the right person. You don't know if its the right person until you spend time with the person.

    always thought it was the other way around, women used men.

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