Are you sick of paying cable bills?

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    Forsure, the one and only bill with a new one time fee everytime i get a bill.

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    It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to pay for all the informicials they seriously suck and I don't buy anything from them in retaliation to the cable companies.

    I dont pay anything watching tv on my computer for free at

    yes i spend $60 per month on a series of repeats and stupid adverts
    sick and tired! all that $ for nothing. lousy shows

    Yes, cable bills are redicously high, so we just shut off our cable yesterday. I found that there are more intresting original shows, and great reception with our rabit ears; Better yet,it's free:))

    Hey check out free to-air im on it for 4 years now. hook it up your self or pay some one. more and more people are hooking up this day an age.

    I am sick and tired of bills period no matter what kind......

    Yeah I'm sick but I need it for my hobby.

    Yes, I am so sick I had to shut it off becaused I ran out of money. Now I use an attenta and low and behold some of the stations I get with it are better than what I had with cable!! I'll probably stick with the antenna!

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