is it safe to eat opened cans of tuna that has been left in the refrigerator for 2 days? i want to serve it to my kids.

    I'm afraid of leaving my kids with my parents for fear that they will accidentally poison them. Four small cans of tuna were opened and not used for two days. Now, they want to use it for tuna sandwiches. I'm worried that food left in opened canned somehow gets tainted.

    For the welfare of my kids, I welome your thoughts.

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    Compare the price of 4 cans of tuna, and the price of your kids.
    The Tuna would be fine kept in the fridge for 2 days,but left in the can opened,I'm not so sure,if it was me i wouldn't.

    yes I totally agree never leave anything in a can tu for you

    It's better not to leave anything in a can, but like Colleen mentioned above the newer cans are coated with a plastic liner inside.
    I would be leery of any opened canned food left in the refrigerator for 2 days. Safely first, open a new can tuna to serve to your children.
    Tuna left in the refrigerator is fine. Not so fine if left out of the refrigerator for two days, then you need to worry.

    Being that they make cans safer now, the old thinking can be put aside about leaving stuff stored in them for a day or two. Cans are coated now and do not rust fast like the cans of old (that was the concern then, the rust). I think 2 days is safe too.
    My Kids and I thank you for your prompt answer. I'm still having a talk with my parents about food safety.

    Thanks so much.

    good plan!

    They could have an age-related problem. Beware. Take care.
    I think it will be fine though should take out of the can and store in glass or ceramic dish and cover you should always take any thing out of the can once opened
    Dont give that food to the children, especially if it was not covered in fridge, each time a fridge is opened and closed, germs can go inside fridge, and food. Let your parents eat it, if they wish.

    nobody eat it, i suggest.
    i wouldnt eat it
    My grandmother saved food for people and critters she didn’t like. My mom liked baked custard pie made with cream style corn, raisins and rice, sugar, milk and nutmeg…baked until browning on top. She thought that a nice dessert but my inner voice warned me to "dodge that stuff." So I avoided that like poison while I watched that dish go to... “you have got to be crazy to eat that” after four hours on the kitchen counter on a warm day.

    This same freshly made dish, a favorite among church goers on a summer picnic, brought great excitement where everyone who had made some had left-overs to finish the day. I often wondered if this was served in Roman times to polish off a feast, to keep the waste-line in check. Everyone smiling and happy with their delightful cup of custard pie touched and blessed by God…of course it is safe. Soon, true to Roman custom, The smiles and laughter turned to odd feelings of despair and pain. The toilets were over crowded and there was panic in the eyes of many. Then the children were told to go away if unaffected and amid hurling up lunch and screaming in all forms of profanity the clothes came off amid a gushing discharge to the rear and multiple “Oh God”s.
    Soon The scene calmed down amid giggle laughter accusations and struggling to get clothes back in place. It was nearly two years before mom succeeded in bringing this bit of Joviality to a preacher and his wife before a revival with similar result. Nothing like the good-ole-days.

    Ah your Mom sounds great though sorry the day turned like it did though it was funny
    I agree take out of the can and put in a dish store cool.
    I wouldn't allow my kids to eat anything left in a can even refrigerated after 24 hrs. the risk isn't worth it!!
    As a rule of thumb after I spent a week in the hospital and lost twenty pounds after eating a slice of questionable American cheese, I just throw something away if I'm not sure.

    When in doubt, throw it out. In this case cans do have plastic liners and it should be fine, but I wouldn't ever store anything in a can after I opened it. Good answers up there, thumbs up.

    "When in doubt, throw it out." That's my saying too. The time I got food poisoning it was from vegetable soup in a good restaurant.
    I guess I was lucky. I looked at my face during the poisoning ordeal ... I looked like death. Guess I was close. You sure were.

    It was a horrible experience, my kidneys were shutting down and I was having convulsions. There was a shift change in the ER and the sleepy nurse didn't realize I was in the back room in need of attention.

    I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Once I was admitted the treatment was exceptional so I decided not to sue them. Lol.

    wow. glad your ok!

    Thanks Carmax, are you a big fan of the company Car max? Just wondering about your user name?

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