can i get help with my debits my husband abandoned me with my 3 childrens after i found him doing adultery i have car paiment and morgage to pay and may job is to slow im working 1or2days for wek pleas help me

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    File for legal separation, get custody of the kids and file for child support.

    quite agree Colleen
    Contact the people you owe money to.Put them completely in the picture."ASK" for help,if you don't ask,they won't offer & they will probably want it in writing.This will not solve your financial crisis but it will buy you some time to sort things out.

    Great suggestion! CC companies and banks will work with people caught in a situation like this.
    Sell every thing and get something you can afford to pay for.
    If you have collateral in car and home you will be ok.
    You can apply for food stamps online, that will help take the load off a little, while on the state website you can also apply for medicaid for you children.

    When working part time you can apply for partial welfare/unemployment benefits, as well as help with the house payments.

    Just remember most states are now passing laws that make you take a drug test before you will qualify for any of these programs, so if you're on the drugs get off them, or seek help. Hope this helps.

    Awesome answer!

    Thank you! I was waiting for someone to say,"Just what we need anther person on welfare," etc.. I think it's a really important program to have, (especially) for single mothers with children.

    Abandoned single mothers at that. In cases of abandonment, I think the person who leaves should be forced to pay back their share of the welfare money given to the person and kids they abandoned.

    Leeroy, that was a good answer. Nowadays it is so easy to walk out on a family that has to suffer the consequences and they have to struggle to survive.

    Good idea Colleen and thanks Ann. That would be a good law to try and pass, it may make some of these absentee fathers a little more responsible.

    My birth father left/divorced when I was five and never sent a cent to my Mom or her four kids.

    very good answer Leeroy

    Thank you Mel.
    Hi Tere I am sorry to here you are in this situation of no fault of your own , Everyone has commented on what you should do and please take note in what they are saying I wish you all the luck in the world be strong and stay positive for your selve and not for getting your Children from everyone at Q&A
    Short term the Salvation Army or what ever welfare organisations are in your are can give on the spot help and councelling.

    Don`t be too proud to talk to a stranger that will not be judgemental of you nor will they be judgemental or emotional of the whole situation as family would.

    Trust me it helps to talk to someone who is not directly involved.

    Good luck and if you have a belief ask your God to help.

    Don`t try to poison the children against their Dad, he is still their Dad, I know from personal experience. What ever issues you and you husband have are not the chidrens fault.

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