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    Do you find that your local council helpful when you call or email?

    Have you ever tried reporting a straying dog? I've found that the council say they don't have any powers and the dog warden says they don't have any powers and they don't get paid enough by the council to keep sending wardens out.

    How about anti social behaviour? I've found that the police, anti-social behaviour department and the Asbo officer don't keep each other informed.

    Do they answer your emails? I've found that they don't.

    Have you had a similar experience?

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    1st you are lucky to even get the council to answer the phone I know they dont have the power concerning stray animals and this is not the animals fault its the idiots who so call own them! as for asbo you can ring them and wait and wait and wait and wait you do where i am coming from, The police are a waste of time we pay all this council charges and for what just to anwser the phone and not back to you the UK is washed up it has been for years mel

    Wonder what they would do if all of you took matters into your own hands. Do you suppose it would get their attention?

    good point there 6dogs I bet you would get get their attention quicker than a heart beat and geuss what you sure would get the ASBO then
    Hi it mel again for got to answer the above NO never had any of the points you are mentioning this is a good question if I need to complain I go to the horses mouth is your local MP now they do answer your e-mails and even your phone calls and I have lots of mail if I am complaining like I usualy do mainly about Animal welfare and the council or if not get intouch with our Mr Cameron he will put you intouch with your local MP and his department will even forward your e-mail mel

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