have med.lenght hair with little wave but likes to frizz in humidity or rain.Ude curling iron that tames it and it is thick and everyone seems to like it. I thin it need a little boost in curl. What home perm and can I use the old fashioned plastic roller that have the plastic snap on. One step up from the foam. I sleep in them and get great curl not tight and lasts. What home perm do u suggest and can I use the old plastic rollers with the papers and snap or do i have to have speciall -besides

    I had cancer but grew back healthy hair.Just I chopped it up and everyone loves the look but as I said lacks some messy curl. Guide me and I will follow Ya

    Forgive spelling this computer will not allow me to go back

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    If your going to perm naturally curly hair you need a very gentle perm and large perm rods, you need perm papers to protect the ends from frying, natural curl does best when you allow ot to curl with rinse out conditioner, leave in conditioner, and a medium hold mousse or gel, I have only used professional products and have natural wave, product, product and when in doubt more product!

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