Noisy neighbours

    Does anyone have noisy neighbours?

    How did you deal with them?

    We have had various ones over the years. The noisiest being a group. A call from the police seemed to quieten them. The most consistently noisy though have been children. The quietest older couples and - would you believe - a gang of guys!!!!

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    I hope no one takes knobbbheads answers to any of their questions seriously as they are really mean and stupid answers. Now days best way to deal with noisy neighbors is to let the police handle them there are usually laws about noise levels and also ordinances about how late someone can play loud music, etc. so I would just let the police handle them.

    Yep, we have two new noisy neighbours.

    The neighbour on the ground level floor allows her pre-teen daughter to get drunk.  This means singing out loud while rock music is playing and arguments throughout the nights.


    We have not figured out if it's the newest neighbours on the bottom floor or the new neighbour on the middle level, but someone cann not shut the front door without slamming it.  So Annoying! :((


    Has anyone, as far as you know, complained to the appropriate authority(-ities) about the mother letting her get drunk?
    country bumpkin

    I/we have not seen her drinking alcohol. It's one of our neighbours who she has witnessed the pre-teen drinking/drunk. I have no doubts this is true because I have heard the girl late at night laughing and singing loudly, and yelling at her mother with a slurred tongue. It would be up to my neighbours who have claimed to witness it to turn her mother into the proper authorities but I assure you this will not happen.

    ....we hear our neighbors peacocks on occasion and another neighbors donkey

    ....we are lucky to live in a rural area

    I had the neighbors from hell when I had my 1st apt. They lived up stairs from me . The woman would come home at 2 am from work and start using her noisy coffee grinder sounding garbage disposal- - - - right above my head in the bedroom. It sounded like she was throwing bowling balls around .Then she would bake cookies at 3am and slam the baking tray down on the stove top. Things finally quieted down for about an hour. Then the man would get up at 5 or 5:30am and turn on his stereo real loud.

    When I told the manager, he was snotty and said , " You think everybody should adjust to your schedule !" No, I just wanted to live a normal life, like everyone else.

    Children, dogs, mini bikes and drinkers always seem to be the noisiest neighbours. I'm going to try a note in thier letterbox. I'll let you know if it works

    go tell them it's 3:00 am don't anyone ever wanna go to bed do you feel so good you have to drive me out of my head

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