Noisy neighbours

    Does anyone have noisy neighbours?

    How did you deal with them?

    We have had various ones over the years. The noisiest being a group. A call from the police seemed to quieten them. The most consistently noisy though have been children. The quietest older couples and - would you believe - a gang of guys!!!!

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    4 Answers

    I hope no one takes knobbbheads answers to any of their questions seriously as they are really mean and stupid answers. Now days best way to deal with noisy neighbors is to let the police handle them there are usually laws about noise levels and also ordinances about how late someone can play loud music, etc. so I would just let the police handle them.

    Children, dogs, mini bikes and drinkers always seem to be the noisiest neighbours. I'm going to try a note in thier letterbox. I'll let you know if it works

    go tell them it's 3:00 am don't anyone ever wanna go to bed do you feel so good you have to drive me out of my head

    if you know anyone who will be able to get a few lads knock on the door and punch the head of them that will work you might get into trouble but they will stop messing you around

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