Nosy Neighbours

    Does anyone else suffer nosy neighbours?

    New neighbours have moved in opposite and taken the opague glass out of their gable window. They sit looking at/into my house and garden for most of the day. They obviously don't like their own house/garden or they'd sit looking at that.

    Is it a mistake to make your surroundings beautiful I'm wondering?

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    i think that all new neighbors are nosy when they first move in. try getting to know them better and see what happens. Start off just saying ..." HELLO "


    Hi Banksizit

    I just sent you a really lengthy response, which disappeared into the ether. As I can't be bothered repeating myself, I'll just say, thanks to everyone for their input and call this issue closed...


    How do you know this. Are you looking into their windows to see if they are looking into your windows. perhaps they think you are the nosy one. Perhaps they are just looking at you looking at them looking at you. Get on with yer life and stop worrying about who does what to who when where or why. Maybe they are slightly blind and the light gives them extreme satisfaction.


    They took their own opaque glass out of their gable end which looks directly into my house and garden. I didn't take it out. They did. They have front and back gardens. I only have a back garden!

    Perhaps you don't mind doing everything in public. I like privacy...

    No. Be proud of your garden. It might inspire your neighbours to grow green thumbs. My acre is like an oasis and my neighbours can't see in cos I have planted thick, quick growing, clumping(not running) bamboo along the boundries for privacy. It's a shame it's not as easy to block out the noisy, swearing renters which have just moved into our paradise.

    Thanks for that psyco mum...

    We are considering bamboo...

    Must admit though that I take the heads of winter flowers... and won't be planting my usual summer bedding...


    replace the glass and see what happpen

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