wy do girls fall in love

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    It's hormones not love, be good until you are older and can make an educated choice. My wife tells her grandchildren if they can't drive and don't have a car then your to young to date and sure to young to fall in love. My grand daughter has this question she ask the boys, what ten things do you like about me,(looks, personality, uggggg) why there trying to come up with number three she walks away.
    Before a girl meets a guy she is in love with the idea of being held, and holding hands with a guy, and having fantasy sex, etc. A girl can become attached to pretty much any guy, because she’s already in love before she meets guy.

    She is never able to tell whether she is in love with the guy or with the idea of a relationship. She don't see the need to know the guy personally because that’s not her focus. Her focus is living out her dream of a perfect relationship, and using the guy to do so.
    thats the same as saying "why do boys fall in love"?
    thats kind of like asking? why do we breath? in other words its to complicated to explain.

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