why don't people tell the truth when dealing with others?

    whats the biggest lie anyone has ever told and regrets?

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    I a friend who was extremely popular with the ladies, I think he just told everyone what they wanted to hear. Sometimes people lie just to get what they want.

    Other times people don't want to cause an incident or hurt your feelings.

    And yet other times there are just sociopaths out there who have no conscience. Telling lies to these type of people is just part of their nature, in fact they believe their own lies, that's why they are so good at telling them.

    Lastly many times people are afraid of getting into trouble. For example: You get pulled over for speeding by a cop, he says,"Do you know how fast you were going?" Of course we know, but how many say, "Yes, officer I was doing 89 in a 65mph speed zone."

    I'm sure there are many other reasons but, that's all I can think of, off hand.


    yes a very good answer a.t.u

    Some people flat out lie with no regard for the other person's feelings and some people tell "white" lies to keep from hurting the other person. I guess it's a level of respect that you have for the other person and what kind of character you have.

    Some people lie to get attention. Some lie to feel equal to their peers. Some lie to feel above their peers. Some lie to stay out of trouble. Some lie just for the fun of it. Some lie because they can't help it, it's a mental disorder (habitual liars) like kleptomania. Some do the "cover up lie" example: "Am I ugly?" "Why no! You're not ugly! You're a beautiful person on the inside!" (Technicalities can make that not really a lie I guess) Some lie just to get others to ask why do people lie? (humor on that last one).

    I was a child the last time I told an actual lie to keep from being in trouble. I was six and lied about the fact that I stole a gumball from the store. Actually I lied a second time when I was a teen and told my mother, "No! I do not smoke cigarettes!". Yeah, I did and still do. I have told white lies as an adult to keep a person's feelings from being hurt. Some people you know for sure can't handle the truth. Do I regret those lies? No.


    I agree Colleen. No need to hurt someone if it doesn't really matter in the long run. TU


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    Hi Coach : ) Thank you. Are you having a good night?



    oooh, spooky, lol Stay safe buddy! Do you live right in the city?

    Oh yeah t.u. on your question. The biggest lie I ever told and regret was:
    When I was about 6yrs old, it was Mothers Day and I decided to get my mom some flowers. Well I was cutting through a graveyard on the way home and suddenly I had a brilliant idea. Why not pick some old flowers out of the garbage and give them to my mom. Well, there were only a few in the garbage that were presentable, so I thought the dead people 't really need their flowers, and pulled them off some of the graves.

    My mom asked where I found such pretty flowers and I told her, "From the florist, they were throwing them away and I took them from the trash."

    I wound up telling her the truth a few years ago and she was sort of offended, but we just laugh about it now. I just feel like that was a really bad thing to do, pretty morbid. But kinda funny too.

    That they loved me.

    It has been my experience that more people had rather lie than to admit to the truth when I feel you do not have to keep getting your lies straight if you tell the truth everytime. To me truth is what one should always tell even if it hurts me or not. If I do anything wrong hopefully not on purpose I will so to speak throw my own self under the bus without the help of others thank you very much.....


    Alterior motives or lack of morals. Some people just dont care who they hurt.. or some people will hurt anyone to get what they want.

    I pride myself on telling the truth. If you don't want the truth then why ask the question? Right? I don't care who you are the truth is always best and it almost always sucks! Still though; it is the truth. Truth has a strong foundation...lies crumble. The more you tell the truth; the easier it gets. Don't get caught up in a web of lies! it is a lonely place to be because most people don't like you if you tell them the truth. They are afraid of it and have little faith. They are the people of the lie and THAT IS THE TRUTH! Thank you.

    That there wasn't a God

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