part # 2 should i leave my husband..

    too get personal here. if u were to have been sexually disrespected many times by a family member and ur married and ur husband is aware of it, and he doesnt defend u, nor takes care of this situation in any manner what would you feel and what should i think. .. should you stay with someone that doesnt back his wife up...???? also within 3-4 years in to the relationship and husbands family spread rumors or creates problem and drama... such as saying that the child ur wife is carrying is not his? or say that ur girl before marriage has been cheating.. n knw that she hasnt been cheating, but yet doesnt say nothin to the family member to fix the misunderstanding or maybe curse her out, or something. but never stands up for his girl/wife.. would u stay with that person??

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    There was a comment left on the last one about a separation, I don't remember who left the suggestion. Maybe he needs time to realize that he should learn to respect you? I just can't understand what kind of man wouldn't stick up for his wife???

    I don't want to say to give up being that you have a child together, but maybe you need to take a break and try counseling? It's a tough decision and place you are in, hope it all works out for you.

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