my ex-friend has a warts around his anal and also it feels like he has a rash with it ,now is that a sign he has hiv or aids ,is this a serious condition and can this be passed on to who he has unprotected sex with

    he says its jus bumps from the strectching of the anal during sex and it will go away but i dont believe it

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    Herpes is transmitted deseases and all should be treated by the doctor.

    so u sayin its not hiv or aids but its herpes possible
    He could just have hemorrhoids, he needs to see a doctor.
    see a Dr. for expert opinion. if it's herpes, yes it can be passed on
    it is not HIV. and yes it can be passed on to anyone not using safe sex methods. he will need to be treated by a dr.
    ok! a few weeks ago he said he tried 2 have anal sex with a dude like he did in his pass but he saide theres was something keeping the penis from entering and it had cause him alot of pain now could that mean hes anal cancer or if he has herpes can it cause him 2 develop hiv. but he has signs that somethinng is going wrong with his body but refuses 2 c a doctor.

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