why do we have to use low energy bulbs. ruin our eyes. yet the cities have light pollution. are we not all on planet EARTH

    Why do we minions have to ruin our sight by using low energy bulbs,When the cities all over the world have light polution, German technology states these bulbs are potentially dangerous,printed in the Express today. are we not all under the same sky.

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    Think the reason we are being forced to buy these fluorescent
    bulbs is correctly stated in a post on this site; they are manufactured by a large, multinational corporation and with the right wing nuts in charge of government these corporations will get what they want. If citizens would all call their legislators on the same day, jam their means of communication with complaints, send thousands of e-mails to their in-box, fill their answering machines with complaints - who knows? We
    might well get their attention. Some enterprising young person should start manufacturing an alternative to these harmful bulbs; it can be done. If only I were not so OLD.

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    I don't thing low energy bulbs are bad for your eyes, but they are dangerous if broken, I think the government should stay out of our life's and let us decided if we want low energy bulbs or not.
    The reason is they use less electricty, but they actully cost you more money, than they save in enery costs. They do not last as long as we are told, they produce fewer lumins over time and BY LAW must be disposed as HAZARDES WAIST, because they contain Mercury.

    However you have no choise on the matter, the sale of Incandesent bulbs is being outlawed by federal law. The 100 watt bulds are no longer being manufactured already, with the others to be gone by 2013.

    To make it worce CFL bulbs are ALL imported. GE closed a plant in Pennsylvanis that cost the jobs of 300 American workers. The reason is CFL bulbs are all imported is the current government regulations make it too coslty to manufacture them in the US.

    The Environuts are running the government today. Thje differnt most of us are Envirmentalists, in that we do not want to poop where we eat, but the Environuts do not want us to eat, so there is no poop.
    Easy answer is that a large corporation with a powerful lobby is
    manufacturing these harmful light bulbs and need a ready market
    for their product. Do a little research - see what you find.

    Obama hired the CEO of GE as Adviser. One Back washes the other in this corrupt Political System. They dont give a damn about what we want. The new low energy bulbs are dangerous. I wont use them. I am stocking up on 75 Watt Bulbs.
    i think congress must be using low energy bulbs, they cant seem to see the bills they pass,only the ones by the big energy corparation
    I apologise to Ann if my comment was abrupt. Unforunately I can't tell her so directly as the comment box has jammed.

    The background to my attitude is a letter I wrote to my local member of parliament. We live in a village 12 miles from the nearest town and, until recently the only connection to the internet was dial-up, which was slow and very unreliable. At the time i wasn't working from home so it wasn't a personal issue. i was concerned for the 200 school children, over half of them travelling long distances daily and studying for exams, who had no library, never mind internet in the evenings or at weekends, unless they undertook a long bus journey, at the full fare. Her reply was that it was no fault of hers. No offer to bring pressure on British telecom, which a group of us did successfully, and yet SHE was an Oxford graduate. What chance did the youngsters in our village stand of an rducation like that, however bright they were?
    This is one infringement of my human rights that makes me very angry.

    I too need a powerful light to see clearly when I'm reading and my stock of 150 watt bulbs is almost finished.

    I use low energy elsewhere, but this I NEED.

    What is really infuriating is I am told they are still freely available in Africa. If anyone knows where to buy them and have them shipped to the UK I would be very grateful.

    This is the result of this global warming hoax where
    they are cashing in to make money. I dont know where to get 150 Watt Bulbs. But if you need them, call your Members of Parliament and complain. Maybe they know where to get them.

    Thank you for the suggestion Ann, but if I wanted the help of a group of people like that I would visit the local toddler group. They might be more help... they couldn't be less.
    100% agree, but dont put a low energy bulbs in your childs bedside light,I Won't

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