Are you getting an answer to your question?

    Please go back and read your question to see, if you had no idea what you were asking would your question make it clear, spelling, good english, proper spacing, just make sense and you will be more likely to get an answer.

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    Thumbs up on your question Randy, it's important for the site.

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    I agree Randy. Also I've tried many times in the past to get them to use a translator and or spell check. There are many on line translators out there. google translate is a good one.|es| It's extremely simple to use.

    Spell check is as easy as typing spellchecker into the web browser. There are ones you can download right onto your tool bar. Right clicking on the mouse on a word with a red squiggly line under it might even let you (in general "you") know you have a built in spell checker on your computer. I no longer try to decipher what people say. If I can't understand their question or if there's just not enough info to give a proper answer, I ignore it.

    Ignorance/illiteracy is a choice for most people. I won't cater to their ignorance. Ignorance as in lack of learning because they simply don't want to apply themselves. Then there's the kids who hang out on the internet asking goofy questions or asking to have their homework done but can't spell or construct a proper sentence for the life of them. This is the future generation. A bunch of under educated illiterates.

    Cool, helpful info.,Colleen. t.u.
    @wonderer, You need to earn your rating. Answer well and you will get your rating.
    I agree with Randy, Basically this is an English language site. I realize that many people (good people) arrive here from non-english speaking countries, I can 'usually' read this in the question because of improper spellings and word juxtapositions etc, I look at the question, if it is of serious nature I will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge.. However, there are an abundance of passerbys that ask stupid questions and with bad spelling on top of that! I will ignore them usually but I still will comment sometimes because I find them entertaining.. I lose a few points, I gain a few, its all fun, :)
    Possibly...If anyone wonders why our country is going down hill, it's our education system. Not to mention the parents who are probably over worked and don't have time to help their kids. Possibly even parents who just don't care?

    You call pour tons of money into the school system, like we have been doing and it can still... just get worse. The problem is the system need reform.
    somtimes you got to wonder if some of these questions being posted merit an answer. granted there's some very good questions,few and far betweeen lately (no offence to those who are sincere)i think what were seeing is an influx of "texting" as if this was a cell phone.if you really want to see the answers you posted,maybe not everyone knows that you just click on to your own avatair!
    IQ test, that would do away with half of us.
    I think editing the question would be ok if left to only the top rating people so no one would try to get at someone like I had happen to me.
    I understand non english speaking people having trouble here, but I believe the most are uneducated youth.
    Yea, you need to watch out for the smarties here, good way to tell is the ratings.
    Yes, I haven't had a question go unanswered because I try good english and wording.
    well rate me high!
    ya but sometimes somebody gives a cocky and false answer to a lagitimate question...what a waste...
    sometimes you wonder if its an online day care center,are some of these questions there just to 'toy' with us ,i certainly miss the philisphocol(?) questions,maybe they should iniate an "IQ' test to become a member
    Come on guys at least spell check.
    Do we need a proof reader before a question is to be posted.
    Are we still asking bad questions?
    Yeah, I have to keep telling these kids not to cheat on their homework... If you don't learn how to figure it out for yourself, you are just cheating yourself....

    Bla, bla, bla, I don't know if kids understand this or not?
    Hey Randy, there are some questions I've noticed are about off the wall type things. So I look at the user and see that the last time they visited the site was when they asked the question.

    If you answer it, they won't be here to get the answer anyway. If I like the question or think it may help someone else, I'll answer it anyway, but....

    ole hipster

    I definitely hear your statements! I feel likewise...I feel like a mother again even though my children are very well's a shame...(:
    no...are you?
    @ daren, They are working on a way to try and draw more in depth questions. They too would like to see more discussions/debates. Might be as simple as linking akaQA with discussion forums.
    Headless Man

    The red dot is cool, and working now.

    Glad it's working for you. Now I'm getting the 404 error. Can you click links in the notifications without a problem?
    Headless Man

    Yes, working great.

    Cool, I'll let them know : )



    Has the questions gotten better or worse.........
    Check your spelling and punctuation.
    If not try asking in english.
    If you are not getting your questions answered, reread then, then re-word them, we need to be able to understand them.
    Are you getting an answer to your question?
    I know "leeroy" I've been telling them to study their workbook.
    Ask the question like we have no idea what you talking about. Because we don't.
    Wow, where did some of these people go to school? Or did they at all, there are so many questions I can't make heads or tails of...

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