do all of the planets align themselves in 2012?

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     In the year 2012 it is believed that the world is supposedly coming to an end on Dec.21st. It is said that all the planets will line up and that the earth is suppose to rotate in the opposite direction and cause natural disasters to happen such as earthquakes and tsunami's. Meteors are suppose to fall from the sky hitting the earth,which is all speculative theory, just like the movie 2012 is a theory. In all actuality in the year 2012 is when the Mayan calendar ends, the Mayan calendar is cyclical and it does have names for numbers larger than 13 bactuns, but even if the Mayans did believe the world would come to an end, we have no reason to assume that they had any special knowledge to make this prediction true. Look at technology today verses then, I really don't believe our scientist are going to lie to us because if the world was going to come to an end they would also not exist. The planets in the solar system always line up at different times..Every 200 years they all line up and nothing has ever happened. We actually have planets that are supposed to line up June of this year..When the planets align they don't align in a perfect straight line every planet has different angles to it as well as shape, also when planets do align you have some planets on one side of the sun and some on the other side of the sun.. If anything that would happen when the planets line up is you lose gravity for a brief moment on earth. Remember when we all feared about the year 2000 " Y2K" due to the theories and rumors? People went to stores and stocked up on water and canned goods and fueled up there vehicles absolutely nothing happened ,except a few computer glitches here and there but nothing major. If we fear the rumors and the theories than on Dec. 21,2012 were going to become frightened causing our own disasters amongst ourselves by driving reckless to be with our loved ones and causing accidents and God only knows what else we as humans would do from fearing a rumor. We have no control over what happens in our solar system , however we do have control over protecting our planet that's called earth by not polluting and trying to keep what we have left of a ozone layer that does protect us. I don't know about you but I'm not going to fear the year 2012 and the theories that go along with it.

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