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    I found four newborn puppies in a dumpster last night. I figured out the owner of the mother dog and who put them in the dumpster. How much, if any one knows, would the court costs, and animal cruelty finds would be? You don't want to know what I would like to do to those people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now have the puppies and the mother was surrendered to me, we now have a pretty happy little family. However, the smallest puppy was almost froze to death and his back feet/legs froze beyond use. I feel so sorry for him. I just want to know about how much, on the average, the fines would be. I live in Minnesota. Thank you....God bless Leela and her puupies!!!!!

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    Domestic Animals like Dogs and cats are totally dependend on us to take care of them. Because
    People do not neuter their animals, Millions each year are beeing put to death.There are Animal
    Organizations who will help with the cost to get an Animal neutert. To put the puppies in a
    Dumpster in freezing cold weather is inhumane and cruel. So I hope these people get a hefty Fine
    and if they have other Animals those should be looked at too. Thank God for people like you who
    have a heart. Ihe little Puppy with frozen Hindlegs might loose them. Coleen is right. The laws
    are different in each state. Please let us know.

    Laws on animal cruelty differ from state to state. Just google animal cruelty laws in your state and you may find the answer to your question. Best of luck to you on your quest to getting another pet owner educated on how to be a responsible pet owner.

    i hope you find your answer on google. the people who do this would hurt human beings too so i hope you'll be very careful and not let them know who you are. itsmee

    Hey. those are my puppies I accidentally forgot them in the dumpster, I just put them there because it was cold outside last night......I went to get them out this morning and they were gone?..... Totally kidding..................

    Just thinking of what kind of lame excuse someone would have if they got caught?



    The trouble is, people like that don't come up with excuses as they see nothing wrong with their actions. They usually just admit to it and say, I couldn't take care of them and shrug it off like it's no big deal.

    Our group is fighting to have charges filed against an owner. We had to hire a lawyer to navigate the dirty little system. We are already several thousand dollars in. There will be no punishment or fine. We are hoping that we can get the right to own (and abuse) other aanimals revoked. I live in GA.... you are an angel.

    Laws vary in each state but most states have gotten to where they have tough laws against animal cruelty and I would start by asking the local Humane Society as to what procedures you would need to do.

    In our society judges don't give much punishment to people that R convicted on Animal Cruelty charges. A slap on the hand or a small fine is all they get. However we can only hope that they will do the right thing and make an example of these jerk's!

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