jesus -freind or foe

    do you ever feel like jesus is punishing you .you dont know why= youve allways been good,lived a clean life,been good to others ,sacrificed for your family-but it just seems like nothing goes right,im not greatly religious but it seems like i just get s**t on year after year can you explainit to me?

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    keep up the hard work and you'll be rewarded, have a little faith


    by the way, i'm not christian,
    but i'm sure it's the same for everyone, everyone follows the same rules in religion
    wish you the best in the coming years

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    I have thought a lot on this subject commonman, I think that many of our rewards will be in heaven and not down here on Earth. So one often wonders if I am doing what is right, why does it seem like nothing good ever happens to me? God rewards us in many ways, not always what we expect though.

    Sometimes when I was off the path... it seemed like God was still blessing me, when I felt like I really didn't deserve His favor things went my way. Other times when I was making all the good and right decisions in my life, things were extremely difficult. We can't put God in a box and try to understand why He does, what He does, when He does.

    But our faith might just being tested. Do you love God when times are difficult and when time are good. Sometimes when circumstances are at their worst, the good times are just around the corner!
    Don't let it get you down, trust in the Lord and He will never leave you or forsake you. Hope things go better for you!


    Wow,your really hit the nail on the head with this one,you made some great points,I'm going through a lot right now,very painful stuff,and for a second I asked myself why am I being punished?Is my faith being tested,but I realize that Jesus is in control,he knows what he's doing,in time I will see,I gotta keep the faith...because at the end of the day he loves me always,he'll see me through,I cant and I wont give in,it's called (FAITH)!

    Good stuff luvJesus, not to mention when we trust God, we have to trust Him all of the time, and faith gives us hope, and hope give us a reason to live and look forward to things, not matter how bad things seem to be.

    No, I don't think I'm being punished when times are difficult. My life isn't what I hoped, but the blessings are so much more than I deserve.

    I never doubt God's presence in my life, but I know MY presence in His Word is seriously lacking. 

    Neither. He's simply an imaginary friend to a billion followers. Quite an impressive following, though. 


    He must be nice. Have you met him? :)

    digger, have you actually ever read the Bible ? If not, then you don't know what you're talking about !

    Yes, I have, MCM. Not cover to cover like you undoubtedly have but plenty enough to form my opinion. Speaking of which, (opinion, that IS ),may I suggest a book written by Richard Dawkins called "The God Delusion". If you prefer the video version, here's the Youtube link. Enjoy !

    Change your attitude and you'll change your life. Everybody gets sh---  on,but when that happens,ask Jesus ,or God to help you , and He will

    Jesus is my Brother in Christ the Lord (esoteric meaning: Love is the Law). Struggle toward it day and night and you shall be satisfied in His presence who is Love.


    Gabalis, He is your heavenly father.

    Yeah, Gabalis. Take it from MCM, AKAqa's resident expert on Christianity and all that is Religion. He is your Dad...not your Bro. Get with the program !

    God gave us "free will". Could maybe something you do or the way you act or even your attitude might have something to do with your hard times? I am only guessing b/c I do not know you or your exact situation. Perhaps letting Jesus more into your heart is what will change things in your life for the better.It can not hurt to try. I wish you the best and remember every dog has its day and yours too will come.

    Commonman, I am a Christian and I know exactly what you are saying. It's not that Jesus is punishing us but rather we are living in a fallen sinful world and living among sinful people, this includes our own loved ones and brothers and sisters in Christ and ourselves as well. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people, following Jesus does not change this principle of life here on fallen earth. What Jesus will do is see His children through unto eternal life where there will be no more sorrows and pain. He made many promisses to us, one of which states that He will not give us more burden than we can bear. We simply do want any burden, who does? We have to accept what we cannot change and trust Jesus will fix it all, if not in this life, certainly in the new Jerusalem.

    There is a lot that I do not know. But I do know that Jesus is my friend, my savior, my salvation and there is only 2 people I trust in life one is me the other is Jesus.

    Shakespeare "Much ado about nothing" To answer your question commonman, everybody has s**t piled on them and it has nothing to do with some supreme being it is put simply "S**t happens". All any of us can do is try to weather the storm, seek help from mere mortals not some unseen entity. Never forget, it is the hard times that mould our character and it is what makes us a worthwhile person. If you were a strongly religious person s**t would still happen but you would salve your own misdoings with "Jesus loves me" Someone much wiser than any on this site once said "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" so the next time you are in the s**t remember that. Here is a story to lift you up. A sparrow waited too long to fly south and his wings froze. He fell to the ground and was about to die when a cow s**t on him and thawed him out. He was so happy he started to sing, a fox heard him and came and ate the sparrow. Moral :always be on time,The one that s**t on you is not necessarily your enemy and when you get out of the s**t keep your mouth shut.

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