Does anyone know what kind of spider this came from?

    Please copy and paste the pics of the bite that I have in your browser, and tell me what you think.
    Thank you,

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    This is a brown recluse. If you have these sort of spiders around, I'd have the bite checked by a doctor.,_Loxosceles_reclusa.jpg
    If it starts to bruise, it's a brown recluse and you need to see a doctor. Here's a photo of damage done by a brown recluse spider bite left unattended.

    Hi Colleen, it is itching, but not ALL the time, and it is now swelling from the middle. At first, it looked like an ugly popped blister. The bite looks like two black marks under the gunk in the middle, and the edges of the area looks like it is getting a darker red tint. The perfect circle isn't growing from what I had noticed, because I cannot look at it without having a warped visual because of the area it is on my back. One last thing, I noticed that I have been extremely hot, and I am usually cold like ice. I don't know if it has anything to do with it though. Thank you for your comment. :)
    Great shots, Colleen, However the one she has as it looked to me was more like a bed bug.
    Your links don't work, need a link to where the .jpg is. should start with http://

    Thank you. After I added the first couple, I tried to open them as well... You should now be able to see the new one above.
    a mean one!
    My son got bit by a brown recluse and he had to get it lanced and drained, with antibodics, and had friend that got bit and he had damage to his heart, from all the infection, and only lived a few years after.

    I am so sorry about your son and your friend, Gigger.:( Take care, ~Jen

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