i have been on my period for 3 weeks i changed birth control is it normal

    i was on the depo before

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    three weeks is not normal, see your doctor now
    I'm not going to yell at you or belittle you my dear but DO go see your GP.A period lasting 3 weeks is not normal & can only lead to more complications if you don't address the problem quickly.It may be a simple course of meds that fixes it.I would advise you to stop taking the b/c pills straight away as they seem to have something to do with your problem.
    Coming off Depo can actually start the bleeding,this can be a normal side affect. I went through this from last October through to May this year,i was back and forth to my gyno wanting reassurance,she insisted it was normal and said the bleeding will settle down,so i can safely say that the Depo would be the cause.But do what i did and ask for pap smear,for your reassurance and peace of mind.
    Really? That's wild. Do you think you should call your gynecologist? I think you should wait until friday after next and if it doesn't stop repost. But I'm just some guy not a gynecologist that went to school for years to know about these things. See ya in 10 days?
    My dear Belita this not normal you should go and see your Doctor asap you are worried, as you wouldnt have asked this question at least the Doctor will investgate and put your mind at rest good luck
    See your Gyno now.
    My guess would be it depends on how heavy it is. Obviously, you can't be expecting it to be working so would need to use something else for protection. You must have had a prescription for this medication. Do you normally ask complete strangers, with no medical background, this sort of personal question? This is the trouble with internet information. People don't seem to recognize that people who study and go to college actually might know what they are talking about. You are being your own worst enemy.

    We actually have some members here with medical backgrounds, RNs to be specific. They are retired and assist when they can. We will always recommend seeing a doctor. Rudeness is not appreciated here.

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