is it true?

    will the world really end in 2012 or was nostradamus messing with us?

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    ONLY God knows !!
    Ask up stairs

    Well Nostradamus's 'prophecies' go up to at least the year 3000 but I wouldnt take much notice of him as he was so vague you can retrofit his writings to any event you want.Its the Mayan calender that comes to an end on 21/12/12.There knowledge of astronomy was as sophisticated as ours and they were able to predict the lining up of the sun,moon,earth and planets with the centre of the galaxy on the day their calender ends but this was 7 or 800 years ago.By any measure thats impressive so its no wonder many believe when their calender ends so does our world.What most people seem to overlook is that what happens when it ends is their new calender begins.

    Don't take the prophecies as true. Whoever, translated them has put their own slant on the meanings.
    According to Ronald Weinland the world is due to end on 27 May 2012. Check out his site
    dont beleive the hype

    I don't.

    ya baby yaaaaaa

    good answer

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