i have an astra club diesel,could someone tell me why black smoke comes out when under pressure or changing gear

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    perhaps the engine oil pump is calling for more pressure, if it were a bad injector you would know, the engine whould rattle as well as misfire, the turbo could be getting tired as well, keep an eye on the oil pressure guage, if it goes up and down with the rpm thats normal if it's low consistantaly you might need a new oil pump
    Darens answer makes sense,but black smoke does suggest injectors.
    Is there any chance you may have put a little bit of gasoline in the tanks by accident.If you have even a little bit will burn the injectors & cause smoking.
    The Vauxhall Astra Clubs are quite old motors.... you could be burning engine oil (pistion rings) ... How many miles have you got on the clock?

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