libel . Can libel payments be reclaimed if libel proved to be false at a later date

    A Daily mirrors journalist wrote an article about Liberace ( the showman pianist)) stating that liberace was a practising Homosexual. The timing was wrong for such a statement (1960s) so Mr. sued the journalist (Cassandra) and the Mirror for substantial dammages. After Mr. Liberaces death the truth came out that Mr. Liberace was or had been a practicing Homosexual before, during and after the trial. My question is, could the Mirror have laid claim to Mr. Liberace's estate for the damages paid
    out and compensation, as Mr. Liberace must have lied on oath during the trial

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    You win some ... you lose some... now quit picking on Liberace, he's dead for crying out loud...and he was a wonderful human being who happened to be gay but had to lie about it to keep all the judgementalists at bay and I don't blame him one bit.


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