why does my lawn mower idle high then low, constantly,too low to mow grass?

    how do i adjust the govener to idle smooth

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    If you know where the rod coming up from the governor is, try holding it steady at a high idle and not allowing it to get into the bouncing back and forth. Does it want to stall or still rev up? If it is, then there is a possibility of the float sticking, which would cause an uneven flow of fuel to cause fluxuations in RPMs. But, if it holds at an even high idle, then something is wrong in the area of its low idle be too low and causing the engine's governor to try and recapture a proper operating speed.
    Your more than likely overloading your mower grass to high, mower to low or the blades are dull.

    this happens when i'm not cutting, mower is just sitting there idling up and down
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    Most governors are supposed to run the mower as fast as safe for the mower but once it reaches that speed will slow it back down.
    It sounds like the spring that helps smooth this out may have broken and let it go out of control, if you see where the spring goes you could go to a mower repair shop and get one and replace it yourself or just take it to them shouldn't cost much.

    the spring is still attached and in good shape, but thanx for the advice
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    Then just cut the grass and don't worry about it, sounds like it ok to me.

    the idle at its high end is not enough rpm's to mow the lawn, thats why i would like it to idle higher and smoother, also....without the varying rpm. Thanx.
    Check your cable were the switch for safety has a compression bottom so,if this not your problem than it something internals
    issue ,sorry couldn't help you.
    Could be your idle screw setting is off or the safety switch cable not releasing to it full amount.that the cable that shut off your lawn mower.

    there is no idle screw adjustment, and the saftey switch has already been bypassed

    When was the last time you had service?check your oil,if it black then time to change,how did you bypassed your safety switch cause usually there a compression hook to it

    i disconnected the spring, and wired the linkage, oil is fine, filter also new
    The butterfly or float inside the carb might be sticking and not able to keep a even flow of gas. Try carb cleaner, if it doesn't help, then probably time to rebuild the carb or buy a new one. Also, check your exhaust port to make sure it isn't blocked with debris.

    Sounds like the oil and gas  mix is too lean . The oil and gas you're putting in may not the be one the owners manual recommends. So, read the manual.......and read the trouble -shooting page too. Try priming it, but not too much , before you start it . Might need spark plug and carburetor  work, too. How old is the mower ?

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