What are some very very good biography books or autobiography books to read?

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    Thanks Pamelia I will try that thank you very very much.

    You're Welcome!
    Patty DUKE'S autobiography is really good I just listened to it about month are two ago.

    Thanks whovin I will try that one as if I remember correctly she had a very very difficult childhood.

    Your welcome and thank you for the thumb ups
    I dont know if you would be interested in Cathy Glass,her books are true accounts of being a foster carer and taking in children that have come from appalling backgrounds and how she has managed to give these kids some normality and love in thier lives.Also Dave peltzer has a couple of books describing his traumatic child hood at the hands of his mother,and how he has become the man he is today.

    Wow yes I would very much like to read those phython thank you very much. I am reading a book now that is very very good it is by John A. Farrell - Clarence Darrow Attorney for the Damned.

    Want to know what got me to want to read about him?

    I love sayings and lines people say and Clarence Darrow made the statement that the only causes worth saving are the lost causes.

    That got my curiousity up on learning more about him.

    So far I find him to be a brillant, complex and maybe a tortured soul but he always fought for the underdog and I too hate injustice in anyway fashion or form and I too always want to try to help the underdog ......

    mmm sounds interesting i will keep him in mind.
    Thank you I will try that one. I am reading a book now by John A. Farrell the title is Clarence Darrow Attorney for the Damned. It is an excellant book. An autobiography of the matrix we live in...

    Uh don't think that is what I had in mind thanks anyway was talking about people not society or things.
    Roger Willcoe

    Try Brzezinski, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Kissinger, Huxley, Soros

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