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    Has anyone found a genuine home based business opportunity that’s not Multi level Marketing, A Scam, Envelope Stuffing , A get rich quick scheme or costs a bomb to set up?

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    if you want to be selfemployed before you start be sure to check with your states requirements. Some states tax differently than the FEd. IE WA state taxes businesses on their gross sales not the net. and you also have to check into licensing and salesl tax permit and such. I have worked in 2 different states and the rules vary. The best business is something you believe in and something that you have a talent in.

    Most business can be operated from home. You can do almost anything from home these days.

    hey, one of the best business opportunities is a business called waiora baed out of florida. You do have to network but they had a great training program and their nutritional products are fantastic. Just wanted to give you an answer. Here is a website, check it out and see if you see anything you like. Great support system , too. Have a great day!!

    I have a friend who buys cheap golf balls from USA by the container full. They are 'lake balls' which means they are found in ponds and bushes on golf courses. Then he packages then into 100's and sells them off cheap to golfers only too willing to buy on ebay and in his local clubs

    If you are good at writing, perhaps you can find your niche with a magazine, or devote time to writing your first novel. It can't hurt to explore the ways of taking what you love, and trying to make those things work as a source of income.
    Some people have chosen to open a day-care facility, or a welding business, whatever really makes them happy.

    Making a living is difficult these days without a support network, and the ability to network, market, grow your business. Those are hard things to do from home. But you can offset that obstacle by reaching out on the internet for resources, groups, etc...

    Have you tried SMC I can sell you a start up for 35.00.
    Look online at this is not my start up but will get you familar with the program.

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