Income and social security disability

    Can I earn any income while on social security disability?

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    Yes, you can work on the books and continue to receive your total amount of disability. It is called the "trial Work period" which allows you to work for a period of up to 9 months to test your abilities to work with your condition. You will receive your complete SS Disability payment plus what ever amount you receive while you are working on the books. Call 1-866-968-7842 for more info and to get a brochure called Working while disabled-how we can help.


    You may be able to work but there are limits. Are you working full time and is this job similar to your disability payments? Check with your local agency to determine the rules. They will find out once your employer files Social Security payments to your SS number.

    yes you can but don't get caught because if ss find's out about it they will stop your check's and it will take a act of congress to get it back

    i have not gotten a answer to my question

    i don't work my health is not good i just draw social security

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