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    How do I get my husband - that I've been married to for 26 years - to tell me about the money he is making on the side with a woman half his age? He is keeping this woman a secret AND the business he has on the side a secret. I did some clever sneaking around to find this information - so I've approached him many times about both mentioned above - and all i get is "deny....deny.....deny". He is ALWAYS trying to convince me he loves me and will be with me FOREVER. seriously? I do not trust his words. any suggestions?????

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    Don't know lady, but I do know that we all lived more in harmony before computers, and mobile phones were invented, have you ever noticed how many relationships are broken up on the Jeremy Kyle show because of all the tickle tackle on face book and texting and everyone being suspicious of what everyone else is doing, trust is a name that went out of the window when these contraptions were invented, and many long relationships came to an end, not an easy answer but worth thinking about.

    Headless Man

    People were always sneaky these things just brought it out.

    well it?s no secret now, you know what?s going on. Dose?nt so good to me. IF IT?S A SECRET; FORM HIS OWN WIFE, it?s not good! IT MEANS HE DOING SOMETHING WRONG! PLAIN AND SIMPLE

    get on jeremy kyle

    Married people should not have secret's........

    Well I would say that it is your choice. If it were me I would tell him where the door is and get a divorce end of story. But it is about choices and it is up to you what you choose to live in or with.

    Are you enjoying your cut of the money he's making

    How does he make money off??

    He's prostituting a girl?? wow, that's not good. Get the cops involved, and he maybe he won't deny it anymore. He probably deserves it.

    Tell him if he does not tell you, then you will report him to the Inland Revenue for tax evasion. I bet he will fall over himself to tell you.!!!

    Do you know the name of the Company or business. If so then Companies house in London will have a copy of the annual accounts and this will show the names of the diecctors

    Wowwwww...what are you waiting for??? What secret? You know everything!It seems that you don't have the guts. Just tell him what you know or first look for a lawyer and start the divorce...You are not having a "real marriage" is just a lie, and something you are used to. You shouldn't have secret between you, and of course he shouldn't cheat on you.

    Tell him you want a nicer car.

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