Alcohol and the Christian

    I always think the bible is Black or White. No grey area. What do you think of a bible study leader and alcohol? Often drinks wine in social events. And yes, he gets buzzed. I just think it is a bad example.

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    The sin is not alcohol it is drunkeness...

    Donuts have nothing to do with it it's an example but generally people drink for a reason. Not all are bad people.

    I think alcohol should be banned, and smoking, and eating fatty food, and, and, and, and, and, and and.
    Ask why he needs a drink he may be nervous or may be shy or something that's none of your business so live and let live. Do you drink. I guess you do it in a cupboard so no one can see you. God knows I would be discusted if I saw my wife eating a jam do nut. Bad example to anyone trying to lose weight and kids. Wooh kids don't look at that fat woman over there eating that do nut she will make you fat and you will die from heart attack.

    Donuts?!?! when did donuts come into it? No you wont die from the fat lady's heart attack but you could die from the man drinking the alcohol.
    Nothing good comes from alcohol. My step Father was killed by a drunk driver.

    If this individual is someone who enjoys wine responsibly it might be suggested that it would be even more responsible to enjoy it a bit more discretely...not to hide anything...just to avoid upsetting those who would consider this hypocritical.

    Unfortunately this Bible study leader has chosen to drink and get buzzed in the presence of others in his group and has lost credibility as a Christian teacher.

    I get this...I don't think Christians drinking wine responsibly is sinful...but catching a buzz in the presence of students...hmmmmm. Where is the balance here?

    good answer freddyfox

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