Does anyone know of a collector or seller of vintage signed jewelry that would be interested in a huge lot very reasonble?

    I have become disabled and have over 400 signed pieces. Weiss, Haskell,coro, Lisner, Hedy, almost something from every popular designer

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    You could try one item on ebay and see who reponds, but be very careful. As a seller, insist on payment, by paypal if you have it, a cheque if you don't AND WAIT UNTIL IT CLEARS before you part with the item. You will get the name & address of the winner so if there was a lot of interest, or 2 people really fighting for it, it could be worth contacting themfor advice, especially if they turn out to be a dealer, and a lot of people on ebay are dealers.
    The alternative, which would be safer, is to take a few pieces to several jewellers in person and ask for a valuation... but that will cost you a percentage of the price. If it's worth a lot it could cost a lot, so make sure he is also willing to buy before you go ahead.

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