What do I do to become a member of DirectBuy? I already have a visitors pass but would like more info before making the visit.

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    Just go ahead and use your visitor's pass to see what it's going to be like. But if they know you're married, you need to come with your spouse. A while back, my husband and I were re-doing our kitchen, and he flat-out refused to use our visitors' passes, mainly because Direct Buy wouldn't tell us the price of a membership over the phone. That sent up major red flags for both of us, and made us realize we wouldn't be getting such a bargain after all! Just realize that until you go through their front door, you won't be getting ANY more information than what you already have.
    You will find all the info you need here.
    I nearly joined them but decided against it on account of their sales tactics they raised all sorts of red flags with us Personaly I am scared to do business with them

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