If you had to choose between your parents or your significant other, who would you choose?

    What if it came down to you choosing between your parents and your significant other, what would you do? How do you know what your doing is the right decision?

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    If you don't know, then perhaps you have not chosen wisely. Thin ice here.

    I knew without a doubt that my blind date of fifty years ago was immediate and true love. Love is overwhelming and if honorable, there will be no room for having to choose between parents and spouse.


    Choose to do what?

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    Genesis 2:24 (King James Version)

    Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.


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    HUH? is that an answer iampamela?


    yeah, that's actually one of the best answers. No offense to everyone who answered. Thank you. :)


    right on leeroy i wish i would have had u around to talk to my husband about 6 years ago


    Yes let me translate, Once you are married you should grow closer to your partner, and move out of your parents home to build a family of your own. No one should come between you, your parents should still be respected, but your partner should be more important or you should stick together in your decisions.

    Thankfully I have parents who, once I became an adult, respected I was an adult and able to make my own decisions in life. They would NEVER give me an "us or them" ultimatum. They always understood that controlling love is not a good love, it's not even love. I was blessed with good parents. (I use "was" because my father died 2 years ago) I still have my mom and she's still here for advice but never gives me her personal opinion unless I ask for it. Through mistakes, we learn. She lets me (all my siblings) learn and is there for us if we fail and need advice. That is unconditional love.


    Well said Colleen.

    That's a good question but I would have to say that my parents gave me the best of their life and dedicated 18 years to loving and raising me.I owe them my life so I would choose them first, but in saying that I know they would never ask me to be in that position.In many cases these days relationships come and go but family are always there(for me anyways, I am lucky). I would also say in the same note that if your partner really loves you he/she would never ask you to choose either.

    I have no signifigant other and my mom was my valentine date this year because she lost her husband, so we just decided to keep it in the family!!

    My parents.
    As long as were not putting anyone to death here, I would have to say my wife. She's a better cook. Sorry mom.

    Wow,to choose would be wrong,I love my parents,there always there when I need them,they are my strength,although I am an adult with my own family,when I'm confused, hurt or angry I run to the phone for my moms advice,,my mom doesn't hesitate to give her opinions,but I respect that about her because I will definitely voice mine,but if she asked me to leave my husband I wouldn't listen,but to choose is a choice I don't think I could make,I love them all so much,and I need them all in my life.

    I think it's a personal choice.. it depends on what your life's lessons are, and every one has a different path.

    blood is not thicker than water,thats just a form of control/guilt/brain washing .it would be my choice each time


    Well username I am on warfarin and my blood is still thicker than water. Chemlover what is a "significant other" a bed buddy? a wife? a dog? a cat? significant other what? Remember KISS keep it simple stupid. No offence intended


    Thanks chemlover, knew what you meant but I prefer people say what they mean and not use strange expressions.


    uh, peoplelover I think your making it too complicated. I meant your significant other in your life. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife ect.

    my ex husband chose his mother over me we had other problems [cheating] but when we married we started out broke it would take me all day to explain this but she bought him off she would pay for things that she should not pay for we lost our car 4 christmas she was going to get us a cheap used car that i could pay her back for she ends up buying him a brand new mustang that was standard she knew i couldnt drive a standard he kept the car at her house i didnt know it but our house was in her name the car everything so when we divorced i got nothing but the 2 children that nobody wanted anyway but me she kept all his dirty little secrets and he would tell her everything that we shared togethr as man and wife the day we bought our first home which was a nice trailer i couldnt be there to set it up until later our son was sick she put the home where she wanted it she was cooking in the kitchen when i got there and sweeping this woman was the real ruin of my marriage with counseling i might could have made it thru the cheating but not her her money owned him now guess what the new wife who said before they married that she would not live next to her just moved in next door he still keeps the car parked at his moms house and still has his mail come to her house nothing changes just the people

    the bible says you are to put your spouse first, old things being passed away. to leave his other family behind

    It is a matter of what you are trying to do. Blood is thicker that water, but at some point you may need to break away from your parents. Again it depends on what the thing is?

    My ex-husband hurt my 3 year old son (my son-not his). I loved this man with all my heart and I still love him today 2 1/2 years later. He served 30 months in jail for what he did...would have been longer but he got a plea bargin.
    Anyway, now that he is out of jail and we are working on a relationship (he really has changed so much), my parents are keeping my children from me. I have full custody of both kids. They said they would disown me if I go back with him...They said if I try to take my kids from them they will fight me to the death in court...But I love him..with all my heart. I do not want to pick a man over my children but at the same time I do not want to be told what I can and cant do. Im 32 years old and have been living by their terms my entire life. I love my parents very very much but I feel like its time for me to take a stand.

    i would save first my children and then my husband and me. i'd say goodbye to the great people who raised me.
    itsmee is scanning for life boats

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