Should men always be chivalrous?

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    Absolutely! There's nothing wrong with opening a door for a lady, or pulling out her chair for her. On a larger scale, a man's job is to put a woman's needs before his and make sure she's happy. It's a sign of respect and should come naturally.


    Freudian slip OH! Ha ha!

    Zig Zag

    i think its fine to give your women some babying ,as long as she can give it back. [IN @OUT OF BED] NO DISRESPECT INTENDED;

    ole hipster

    Hi again Coach...I had to laugh out loud when I read your answer as you typo'd larger into

    I'm not about to throw my coat across a puddle, but I try.

    I agree with the other two answers, I may be old fashioned, but I always treat a lady with respect. Also if her life were in danger I would do everything in my power to protect her. Same goes for the kids if someone were trying to harm them I would do anything I could to keep them safe.

    ole hipster

    S-I-G-H Where we the men like some of you guys when I was young, gorgeous and available??!!

    I dont think a man is a man unless he is... he would just be a prick.

    Oh Yes Women Crave that`There isn't enough of it~~

    Always!!! Yes, ALWAYS!!! :)

    It sure would be nice if most if not all still were.......

    Men should always be chivalrous by giving ole hipster their birthdates and anniv dates (all yrly special dates!) so that she doesn't have to hunt them down and wear her poor old fingers down to the bone with all this typing! So come on men, don't make me HUNT YOU DOWN!! LOL (:


    You got my birthday OH... March 20,1960...My anniv is October 15 (1983)

    ole hipster

    Thanks for the're right I have your B-Day, been typing so much I forget who I typed to...need to make me a list for that too! LOL

    Yeah, you guys should tell this to the guys at my school. They don't get that women actually like being respected instead of being degraded.


    How old are we talking here chemlover?


    Don't worry CL. They're still boys at heart and haven't learned all of the rules of life yet. It's taken me 51 years and I still screw up...according to my lovely wife of 27 years. I'm sure there are some great guys your age who know how to treat a woman. My daughter is a senior in HS too and I teach middle school so I've seen exactly what you're talking about. Be patient!


    Eh, still in high school, but in my senior year and it's like they'll never grow up and realize that they can't treat women like shit.

    ole hipster

    Hey chemlover you're a smart youngun' All guys your age should be like you and your nice thoughts concerning women. Unusual in one your age and admirable and I salute you! Thumbs up!!

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