Long distance?

    Can long distance relationships work? If your going your separate ways and your too in love, but you don't want the hurt in the end because your significant other can't do a long distance relationship. What do you do then? Think about all of the amazing times you had together? Or do you move on and say that's life?

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    If you are meant to be together you will both find yourselves in each others arms again no matter what circumstances stand in the way. Also we must realize that not every relationship is not meant to be forever. Sometimes people meet in order to learn some aspect from one or the other. It may be how to love deeper, forgive,become stronger from a bad ending. If you love someone enough , let them go, if they come back they are yours if not...hunt them down and kill kidding on that part of coarse. Long distance is difficult but not impossible and like Papitou of you may have to move and take a chance in the end to be together.

    Well, if you love one another, you should find a way of staying together. It may be necessary for one of you to move, or, to be fair with one another, both move to another place where you can be together. This is not unrealistic at all. I've done it and I was the best decision of all my life (so far).

    Good luck to you!


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