my kindle was stolen is my account safe

    On June 20th in Ludington Mi. at the Best Western motel I forgot my kindle in the room when I left. Is my account safe?? Is there any way to trace my 1st kindle???

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    We are not Kindle. We can not answer this for you but I'm going to assume that as long as they do not have your password, they will not be able to access your account.

    Colleen Hi! how are you going ready to celebrate tomorrow/ today here? What the heck is Kindle? is it a credit card? xx

    Kindle is an eBook reader. You can download books on line into it.
    I'm not doing anything tomorrow. The towns around me rotate yearly who gets to set of fireworks first (on the 4th) for the biggest draw of people, we will not be having our fireworks until the 10th. I'll go and see them then and that will be my 4th.

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