where can i get help with paying for false teeth in baltimore maryland i have a bad heart and my teeth are very nasty iam 44 on a fix income i get medcare but the wont help. clyde

    i hope you find help.

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    I agree with itsmee, dental colleges is a good choice. also, keep a lookout for free dental care clinics, these things popup spontaneously-- In Sanfrancisco they had one that ran for a week or so, they took on thousands of toothless wonders without healtcare insurance.

    I have very little dental insurance, last years i spent over 5k for two hours worth of dental work, it aint cheap and if you got a chance to get it for free, go for it, just remember, these are students but each student has a fully licensed dental instructor with them.
    in my town there is a college for dental hygenists and dentists. the prices there are much more reasonable than the regular dentist. clyde, i do wish that medicare would help with teeth expense. that picture of you up in the left hand corner shows some good teeth. (ha)

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