Do you get nervous when you have to speak in public?

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    Used to. After teaching for a few years, I now can look and sound like one of Adolf Hitlers rally speeches.

    LOL. Hitler was trully a great public speaker. But here ends his good qualities.
    ed shank

    I get loud when speaking in public... Who needs a microphone??? Not me.
    i think everyone does unless you do it on a regular basis, it would probaly help to focus on somthing with your eyes rather than the masses, staring back at you , maybe a shot of booze would help a bit to loosen up!
    Yes I have fear of public speaking.. I shake all over but in the first 30 seconds go by i get hold of myself and i can let er rip..

    I think the key is confidence in what you are going to say. i found that if I make a powerpoint slideshow or pass out a printed agenda it helps. If this is ot possible, then know with confidence what you are going to say and say it with authority..

    I understand that if you look slightly over your audience it helps as well. Making eye contact will put you and the person you make eye contact with nervous-- also, notice that many public speakers open with a humorous one liner to loosen up you and the people listening. And constant moving from one end of the platform to the other, this keeps their attention
    Everyone gets nervios speaking in public, the secret is to make the nerves work in your favour and remember you are the only one who knows what you want to say so if you forget a part no one will know.
    Works for me.
    I can and have talked in public but it is quite a strain for me. I hear what people think with clarity, so when I’m behind a podium its like a room full of people who are carrying on an internal dialogue so loudly that I can’t hear myself. It’s very distracting when everyone in the room is drifting about in a sea of their own thinking rambling on about every subject they think about. Usually I can block hearing this rumbling dialog but not on stage.
    I can't speak in public. I used to have trouble speaking to 10 year old's when I was the den mother for cub scouts and girl scouts. I always knew if I was nervous speaking to children I would never be able to speak to adults in a public forum. Some people just aren't cut out for it, and other do a great job. I really appreciate a person who does it well. I think it's a very difficult thing to do.
    the answer is yes i get nurvos

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