If England, Scotland and Wales are countries, then what is Great Britain?

    Can you have three countries inside another country?

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    england scotland and wales are great britain. eng, scot, wales + N ireland are the united kingdom. the british isles includes the first 3 + all ireland and the channel isles.

    The 26 countys of Ireland are Republic not part of British Isle, only the North,is not republic.

    why didn't you just look it up??
    Its simply an ancient myth perpetrated by the Brit that Celtic lands throughoutwhats called Britain had became known and for some obscure reason were somehow colonised, simply by the glow of their very presence in that place.
    I notice you did not add Ireland to that shameful list of the defeated celtic septs of Dal Raida. The crime of historical arrogance and misrepresentation is an abuse of my sensibilities as ones anticedents have always had the ability to defer the brutish conquering spirit ...well up until we pissed them off out of our northern lands, which we have always called Ulster, just as we have done or tried to do over the past 800 years. They will no longer rule the roost as the say in the Ulster we now have created and many have died for.P S our sometime enemies in that place are loved and welcomed now not as colonists but fellow Irishfolk.
    Slan . Leah Gach Dea Ghui

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