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    can I evict if no lease agreement has been made

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    Eviction Laws vary from state to state. Search the web for your state on "Landlord and Tenants Rights".

    I think you'll have to check with State, County and or City eviction ordinances.

    That's true but i live in a commonwealth,And you have to go before a District Justice.Most of the time he will give them 30 days.

    Technically yes b/c there was no lease agreement made and signed by both parties. You own the property and you can say that you would let them stay a few days or weeks, how ever long they have been there for. No eviction notice is needed b/c no defined length of time was ever put in writing. You might need to give them written notice that they must leave in X amount of days or all the locks will be changed and there possessions used to off set lock changes and days they owe for any rent as well as to repair property back to rent-able condition it was in prior to them staying there.

    with no lease it is a month to month tenancy,you have every right to evict if you want to but it is no easy task .if you are in massachussetts,the tenants have all the rights .ihad a duplex that i rented to someone on a sad story called there former land lord and he said they were good tenants i later found out he was trying to get rid of them for a year.i called a lawyer and he told me the easyest way would be to offer to pay them to move--WHAT?--i ended up getting the husband alone and told him if he did not move he would end up hurt ,it worked .they moved,but not before trashing the place ,iwas just glad to get rid of them .a year latter i seen him in a bar and he almost shit a brick and wasted no time running out the door --good luck it wont be easy

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