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    Friend of mine has two children and they live in British Columbia, Canada. One of the child is a university graduate and lives life to their parents expectation. The other child (the black sheep) ran away at age 16 and never acknowleges the parents (for 30 years).
    The question is: Do the parents have legal right to leave the black sheep out from the last wiil
    and testament?

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    It is theirs and their last will and testament yes they do have a right to have it written up any way they wish.

    Welcome to the akaqa forum canuck! Interesting question. Do the parents know if the "black sheep" child is still living? Have they tried to locate this child? If not, why not? 16 is very young to leave home, what was the reason? People at 46 (his approx. age) have gone through and made a lot of changes to their lives...he's more than likely a very different person. I have a brother I have not seen nor heard from since I was 12, darn near 50 years ago! Still think about him, have tried to find him, to no avail...Neither did our Mother ever hear from him. His story was a bit different. He was terribly abused as a child by father and stepfather. Thus, most of the reason behind his leaving at 17 or thereabouts. As far as the legal right goes, I've always heard of people being cut out of their parents' wills and I suppose this is a possibility and I don't know if that would vary from state to state. Hope my answer helps you. (:

    Yes they do.

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